Health and Safety

Health and Safety List

Watkins Health Services (WHS) has developed a Health Services Information & Required Forms packet for your use.

Program Directors, please note the following suggestions:

  • Social Security Numbers should NOT be collected.
  • If a minor receives treatment during the program/camp, the WHS provider is to be given the health forms from the packet above.
  • All health forms should be returned to the parent/guardian at the conclusion of the program/camp. Returning the forms provides assurances to the parent/guardian that private health information is not being retained by the program.
  • It is highly recommended that adult staff / chaperones NOT be responsible for administering medications. Either the participant should be self-sufficient with his/her medications and medical devices or there should be other arrangements made for this care.
  • Adult/staff/chaperones are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of these forms, as well as determining who will provide the forms for any health care needed.

If Program Directors have specific questions or need further assistance, contact WHS at 785-864-9520.

The Program Director should develop and distribute an Emergency Action Plan to adult staff / chaperones. KU Lawrence Campus Alerts is an excellent resource for planning.

An emergency action plan should:

  • List emergency contact information.
  • Provide notification procedures.
  • Provide location of and who has access to Health / Permission forms if needed.
  • Designate specific gathering points (day / night), so youth can be accounted for.
  • Give the steps for dealing with common emergencies like severe weather or a lost person.
  • Note what type of medical personnel / equipment is on-site / available on campus.

Please refer to the attached Emergency Action Plan (.docx) for additional information.

Building emergency plan maps can be obtained from Facilities Planning & Development at

Important Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers
OrganizationPhone Number
Police or Fire/Medical:Call 911
Public Safety Office:785-864-5900
Watkins Health Services:785-864-9500
Institutional Opportunity & Access:785-864-6414
University Hotline:844-420-9065

The Program Director should develop a Missing Youth/Camper Plan (.docx) specific to the youth program and/or camp. Adult staff/chaperones should receive copies of the plan and know their assignments if the plan needs to be executed. Adult staff/chaperones should have specific times that they should check to confirm all their youth participants are accounted for.

The Program Director should review the Social Media Guidelines (.docx) with adult staff / chaperones and youth participants.

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